Our Community Grows Best When We Contribute Our All

Krum in US District 26 / Texas House District 64 has been my home, my family’s home, for seventeen years. Our roots here are deep. My extended family also live in the area - our reputations are solid and widespread. My family farm is here. My respect for people, my principles and worldview, are very closely in line with Democratic Party goals. I hope to help balance out the influence of the two parties in our area, appeal to my neighbors' desires for constructive economic growth, public safety, and good public school. That we are not just Republicans or just Democrats – we are neighbors and fellow citizens who want the same things from life and can learn from the viewpoints of others.

A member of Krum Masonic Lodge 1453 I have contributed to raising funds for youth education scholarships and other members of our community, served as chaplin for our elderly former members, and worked with fellow citizens across business, school, and religious groups towards common city and school needs. My family contributes to fund raisers for sports teams at school events, preparing concessions and meeting neighbors. My wife and I participate in Special Olympic events across Denton County. I stay in touch with our government attending Krum public municipal and committee hearings.


I feel indebted to Krum ISD for their wonderful programs and educators. My son’s health and future prospects are hugely better thanks to the special needs services KISD has and continues to provide. I am driven to pay back and pay forward that wonderful leg up on life he is experiencing. My daughter has met wonderful authority figures, people who she greatly respects and sees as role models, in our schools.


I have nearly four decades experience in corporate and social environments working with people across the education, economic, and cultural spectrums to focus on common goals with the resources at hand. I've learned to focus, prioritize short & long term goals with what is practical/achievable. I'm credible because I do not exaggerate, listen carefully to people, weigh their opinions while questioning my own biases and assumptions, diplomatically focusing on the possible. To me a good day is when I learn something new, but a better day is when I unlearn something old.

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